Sound collaboration for the videodance project “Murmullos” by Jerónimo Barriga.
The skin, like the crust of being, unfolds towards sensations, it stretches out and murmurs in the form of air, water, sand; pronounces the swing and resonates with a parsimonious pulse. Touch, always open to the world, allows the possibility of recognition. The other is experienced, not assimilated, it happens.

Link: Vimeo

Choreography: Diego Martínez, Guadalupe González, Jerónimo Barriga
Performers: Diego Martinez, Guadalupe Gonzalez
Direction, photography and edition: Jerónimo Barriga
Music and sound design: Jorge Martínez Valderrama
Color correction: Rubén Castillo Pescina
Conceptual Support: Tonatiuh Paz Aguilar