Duration / 7:07
Year / 2020
Format / Acousmatic (Stereo)

Deterritorialized, incorporeal voices, confined in a chimerical exile, warning us by means of sound stamps about upcoming events. “Exsilium” is an acousmatic work that uses recordings of different female vocal expressions that are digitally manipulated, synthesized and processed, resulting in unusual sounds and sensations. Although the work travels through murky and insane paths, it simultaneously poses an introspective listening in the midst of the daily bustle. The concept of exile as an aesthetic element runs metaphorically around the global health contingency; dialogue, empathy and collective action are being compromised in the face of stoicism and strictly individual resilience, with no apparent consequences. An exile implies the disintegration of thought, re-articulates and re-constructs the word in order to emit it and produce resonances. Seclusion is perhaps a territory where we do not exist but we can be.