Duration / 9
Year / 2021
Format / Acousmatic (Stereo)
From Sub + Fuscus = Dark, colorless.

This sound work was made during the confinement of Covid-19 at the beginning of 2021. It is an acousmatic piece made with several string quartet recordings, digitally processed to generate, explore and discover new sounds and timbres. The way of integrating and constructing the sound discourse of the work, derives from the concern to invoke the “states of exception” of the past: memory and utopia, where every event brings with it an infinity of reactions, effects and noise. The contagion of phenomena and events, catastrophe, politicization, divergence, the toxicity of open communication platforms, the written word, control mechanisms, denial, fatalism, etc., doses of infodemia that project a dimension of distortion and bewilderment. Art, then, can serve to focus on the living body, to open, to manage, to channel and reflect on our own dark events and our capacity for resilience.