Duration / 4:50
Year / 2023
Format / Acousmatic (Binaural)

Crypto Timpani is an acousmatic work that fuses the melodic drone sounds of cicadas with electronic soundscapes, a mysterious and ethereal world. This work begins immersed in the hypnotic hum of cicadas, creating a nocturnal and contemplative atmosphere. Electronic layers intertwine with natural sounds establishing a surreal journey where the line between biological and synthetic blurs. The audience is invited to immerse themselves in a constantly transforming soundscape through an amalgam of textures that evoke the stillness of nature and the vital pulsation of technology. The piece captures the essence of the night and its mystery, but also reflects on the increasingly complex relationship between humanity and its environment. Crypto Timpani is part of the “Autumn Project” for Cities and Memory – remixing the world.